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Bruce E. Mowday spent more than 20 years in journalism, winning a number of writing awards for his investigative journalism, before founding his own company in 1997.  He uses his journalistic experience as an editor, columnist and reporter to promote his clients.

Author Bruce E. Mowday

Bruce is an award-winning author and newspaper reporter. He has authored more than 20 books on history, sports, business and true crime. Mowday has appeared on the PBS Emmy award-winning Counter Culture show, Discovery ID channel, ReelZ network, C-SPAN, the Pennsylvania Cable Network, Hollywood and Beyond, Whatcha Got, Journey into the Civil War, Chronicles of the American Civil War and Philadelphia and local television shows. Civil War Monitor magazine published an article by Bruce on Gettysburg. He is a frequent speaker at various civic and historical groups. The Congress of Civil War Round Tables has named Bruce a “5-Star” speaker.  Mowday has hosted his own radio shows, has been editor of magazines and was chairman of the Chester County Historical Society and president of the Brandywine Battlefield Park Associates. He is a former board member of the Valley Forge Park Alliance and the Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau.

Recent News:

Thanks to Lisa Ingegneri, owner of The Lafayette Shoppe, for listing my four books on Lafayette! Lisa is based in Williamsburg, VA, and she’s the go to place for Lafayette. We’re working on a special promotion that will include my books and the Jean-Antoine Houdon’s original bust of the Marquis de Lafayette. See

Lafayette travels to Paris! That is a copy of my Lafayette at Brandywine: The Making of an American Hero will be part of the Paris Post 1 – Pershing’s Post – of the American Legion. Scott Rayl informed me of the honor. A copy of my book September 11, 1777: Washington’s Defeat at Brandywine Dooms Philadelphia will also be part of the library.

The Chester County Commissioners appointed Bruce E. Mowday to the America 250th Commission. Also, Bruce is the Chester County Chair for the Lafayette Bicentennial Committee, as appointed by the American Friends of Lafayette.

A reader’s comment: “This man reigns from Chester County and always seemed to present a balanced view in his early career covering the Courts. I have watched him blossoming into a highly respected author and has not written a boring one yet. We now have another budding celebrity hailing from the region. If you are a book enthusiast, order his books. They are polished and interesting. I’m not usually a big history reader but I’ve enjoyed his work. They are interesting as well as informative His name is Bruce Mowday. I like Bruce because he is talented and a gentleman. I would not push his product if I did not believe it was good work.”

Bruce was a guest on Grover Silcox’Counter Coulter on WLVT PBS39  in February 2012. Grover said Bruce has  “a keen sense of curiosity and a gumshoe’s nose for storytelling.” The segment can be seen at

Bruce was a proud recipient of a Military Challenge Coin. Sgt. Chuck Kramer, who served from 1984 until 2017, gave Bruce the special coin after his talk before visitors from Calne, England, on the Revolutionary battle of Brandywine and his book, September 11, 1777: Washington’s Defeat at Brandywine Dooms Philadelphia.  Chuck said he gave the coins to those you performed an exceptional service. Thank you Chuck.

Regent Press announces release of Emotional Gettysburg, a unique look at Gettysburg by artist Karl J. Kuerner and essays by Bruce E. Mowday.

My talk at the Radnor Library on Stealing Wyeth is now available for viewing. A comment: “Bruce’s story was spellbinding, and he has great presentation skills.  This was a winner!” See

THREE VIEWS OF GETTYSBURG, a new program is being offered. Combines Bruce’s books, Pickett’s Charge: The Untold Story, J. Howard Wert’s Gettysburg and Emotional Gettysburg. Program is perfect for historical societies, Civil War Round Tables and civic groups.

The Mowday Group Inc. facilities publishing of Robert L. Byrd’s Byrd of Legislative Hall by Regent Press.

The Civil War Round Tables Congress has listed Bruce as a “5-Star” speaker.

Chronicles of the American Civil War interviewed Bruce on his J. Howard Wert’s Gettysburg book. To hear the interview, go to A second interview with Bruce was on his book on Fort Delaware in the Civil War. To hear the interview, go to

JOURNAL OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION names one of Bruce’s books to top 100 books written on the American Revolution.

HOLLYWOOD AND BEYOND interview with Bruce on his Johnston Gang book can be found at

DISCOVERY ID features Bruce during a recent episode of the Evil Kin series.

HISTORIC WALKING TOURS are offered in Brandywine and West Chester by Bruce.

PENNSYLVANIA CABLE NETWORK interviews Bruce about his Pickett’s Charge book during Gettysburg’s 150th anniversary celebration and his book Stealing Wyeth.

CHESTER COUNTY LIBRARY honors Bruce by including his name on the Library Mural.


Comment on J. Howard Wert’s Gettysburg:“I just finished reading the FOREWORD; what exquisite and artistic writing and worthy content. I must purchase a copy of this and take my time savoring it. My sense is that it holds truths close to those we find on Music in its expression and content. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
“One more observation. This writing sets a standard for, reminds us of, and by example convicts me of the need to be true to the second greatest function of all arts, to help recipients transcend the din of the ordinary that dulls our senses and separates the best from the good.
“Thank you! Spent a couple hours finishing up last evening. Really is a marvelous book, classy in every way.”

From a recent social media comment: “If you don’t know history you don’t have a well-grounded foundation of knowledge. Without a correct reference point, one is incapable of evaluating the truth. It is imperative we keep history alive. Bruce Mowday is a modern day patriot, preserving and promoting the truth. We all should pay attention to his works and buy his books because his passion for history is not only worthwhile but inspirational!”

From a recent note: “I greatly enjoyed reading your very detailed account of Pickett’s Charge from the Union perspective. I knew nothing of the heroics of Gen. Webb of the Philadelphia Brigade. Thank you for bringing me up to speed.”

Recent E-mail comment concerning an article Bruce wrote for the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Mr. Mowday, I’m a freelance writer and sports lover in Columbus, Ohio. I wanted you to know that your recent column in the Inquirer is one of the absolute best articles dealing with the subject of character and ethics in sports that I’ve ever read. I’m now a big fan, and I’ll try to pick up a couple of your books.”

Recent E-mail comment concerning Battle of Brandywine book: “Dear Mr. Mowday, I have just put down your book, September 11…, having read it in two sittings, and I am compelled to congratulate you on writing such an inspired account of the battle, its contextual place within the political and social climate, and its impact on the war. …”