Publishing Services

Bruce E. Mowday is the author of a number of books on history, true crime, business and sports. He is a veteran of the publishing industry. Mowday has also helped a number of authors have their books published, including the 2019 book Byrd of Legislative Hall.

The Mowday Group offers consulting services to writers seeking publishers.


  • Marketing for AuthorsFind out how to maximize sales of your books and have successful book signings from the author of The Selling of an Author.
  • Consulting Services for AuthorsIf you are beginning to write a book or having a problem finding a publisher or agent, author Bruce E. Mowday will review your project.

Squire Cheyney Books

Publishes books from authors with important messages, just as Squire Cheyney, the Paul Revere of the Brandywine, delivered valuable information to George Washington on September 11, 1777.

Brandywine River Publishing

Author Services

Brandywine River Publication’s author services provides comprehensive help for authors, including writing coaching, publishing consulting, book marketing, proofreading and book design and printing.

Bruce E. Mowday, President of Brandywine River Publishing, has authored more than 20 books, including The Selling of an Author, a guide to increasing book sales. Mowday’s books have totaled more than a half million dollars in sales. He has helped numerous other writers to find publishers and become self-published.

Author consultations:

Brandywine River Publishing will review your writing project and advise on publishing options. Topics to be covered include finding an agent, finding a publisher and the pros and cons of self-publishing, vanity publishing and internet publishing. Manuscripts will not be reviewed as part of this service.

A one-hour initial consultation fee $150.
Additional sessions, if needed, are billed at $150 per hour.

Customized and personalized marketing:

Each book is different and needs a customized marketing plan. Sending out hundreds of press releases to disinterested media outlets isn’t a marketing plan. Writers need to connect with their targeted audience.

Premier Marketing Package includes:

  1. Two one-hour consultations with a value of $300.
    1. First consultation will identify a targeted list of contacts to receive promotional material.
    2. Second consultation will be on development of a talk or presentation to groups and keys to a successful book signing.
  2. Developing a list of targeted recipient release of marketing material.
  3. Drafting of a press release to announce the release of the author’s book and distribution of the release to the targeted recipients.
  4. A guide to working with book distributors.

The Premier Marketing Package costs $750.00.

Additional marketing services as required:

  1. Identifying and contacting groups for speaking engagements and book stores for signings is billed at $150 per hour.
  2. Printed marketing material (posters, business cards, bookmarks) to be determined by design and quantity ordered.


Brandywine River Publishing works with a printing company experienced in designing, producing and printing books for authors. The cost of the book production depends on the number of copies, paper used, images to be scanned, binding and design time. Estimates are free. Proofreading services are offered and cost is determined by number of pages and time needed to do the proofreading.