Three Views of Gettysburg is new program offered by Bruce Mowday

Perfect for historical societies, Civil War Round Tables and civic groups

I’m now offering Three Views of Gettysburg as a program.

The Congress of Civil War Round Tables has named me a “5-Star” speaker.

My third book on Gettysburg – Emotional Gettysburg – was released by Regent Press of California this month. This book redefines Gettysburg, according to one reader. It’s a unique look at Gettysburg in history and today. Renowned artist Karl J. Kuerner, only artist taught by Andrew and Carolyn Wyeth, has created 20 original paintings and I’ve written 20 essays.

I’ve also written Pickett’s Charge: The Untold Story, published by Barricade Books of New Jersey. This book is the first one to concentrate on the Union soldiers that saved the nation on July 3, 1863. My J. Howard Wert’s Gettysburg, published by Schiffer Books of Pennsylvania, describes the largest private collection of artifacts from Gettysburg, including the podium used by Lincoln for the Gettysburg Address. Thousands of important historical items are included in the collection. The book also details the Wert family. Wert was a spy and scout for the Union at Gettysburg.

Three Views of Gettysburg combines the importance of the battle of Gettysburg, especially Pickett’s Charge, along with the artifacts.

I’ve also authored a fourth Civil War book on Fort Delaware.

I gave programs and dinner talks on all of my books. If any of my books are sold through the programs, sponsored historical events or ordered by members, I’ll return a portion of the sales to your organization.

Contact me at for details and costs of programs.