Talks scheduled for Association for the Blind, Honeybrook golf club by author Bruce Mowday

Mowday has eight talks scheduled in February and March

DOWNINGTOWN _ Chester County author Bruce Mowday will speak on his Jailing The Johnston Gang book on Wednesday at a meeting of the Chester County Association for the Blind.

“I’m always glad when a great service organization asks me to give a talk,” Mowday said. “The Johnston gang members were Chester County’s most notorious criminals of all time. I covered their trials as a reporter for the Daily Local News.”

Mowday’s talk at the Honeybrook Golf Club will be on “America’s River Begins in Honey Brook” and is based on Mowday’s Along The Brandywine River book. “You could tell what was happening in America’s early history by the development along the Brandywine,” Mowday said. “Honey Brook is an excellent venue for the talk.”

Next month Mowday will give a presentation at the Honey Brook Women’s Club on March 8. He will be in Reading the next day at a Sons of the American Revolution meeting. He will be talking about his book September 11, 1777: Washington’s Defeat at Brandywine Dooms Philadelphia.

Mowday will return to the Honeybrook Golf Club on March 12 at 1:30 p.m. to talk about his book on Richie Ashburn. “Richie is one of the greatest Phillies of all time and we’ll be less than three weeks away from opening day of Major League Baseball when I give the talk,” Mowday said.

Mowday concludes March with a talk on the Brandywine River on March 19 at the East Brandywine Township building at 3:30 p.m. and a Johnston Gang talk at the Caln Historical Society at 2:00 p.m. on March 26.