Schiffer Publishing contracts with author Bruce E. Mowday for book on Cavalcante

November 28, 2023

Schiffer Publishing Ltd. contracts

with author Bruce E. Mowday

for book on Cavalcante prison escape 

     ATGLEN _ Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., an independent publisher with more than 5,000 titles, contracted with Chester County author Bruce E. Mowday to write a book on the escape of convicted murderer Danilo Souza Cavalcante from Chester County Prison in August 2023.

“My book will encompass more than just a prison escape of a murderer,” Mowday said. “The book will capture the terror felt by those living in the community around the prison. The capture of Cavalcante didn’t end the nightmare for many residents. Some are still traumatized.”

Schiffer wrote in the November 16 contract offer, “I am pleased to be sending the contracts for Escaped Murderers in the Neighborhood. We’re pleased to be working with you on this new project.”

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Mowday’s previous true-crime book is Small-Town Cops in the Crosshairs: The 1972 Sniper Slayings of Policemen William Davis and Richard Posey, published by Schiffer Publishing. Schiffer published two other Mowday books, J. Howard Wert’s Gettysburg and Six Walking Tours of West Chester.

“Schiffer is an exceptional publisher,” Mowday said. “I’m looking forward to another excellent experience with Schiffer.”

The book has many fascinating aspects, according to Mowday. Cavalcante viscously murdered Deborah Brandao by stabbing her 38 times in front of her children at her Schuylkill Township home. Cavalcante is also wanted in his native Brazil.

“Cavalcante is an international criminal,” Mowday said.

A number of local and federal law enforcement agencies took part in the search for Cavalcante and utilized advanced search techniques. “Cavalcante hid in some of the same country that murderer Norman Johnston roamed when he escaped from a state prison in 1999,” Mowday said. “My book will examine the similarities and the differences in the two escapes.”

The use of search dogs will be documented, including K-9 Yoda’s apprehension of Cavalcante.

An essential part of the book will be the condition of the county prison at the time of the escape. Cavalcante’s escape took place on the first day on the job for Acting Warden Howard Holland.  The facility was understaffed and was using outdated procedures, as one county official voiced at a public meeting,

Chester County officials held multiple public meetings after Cavalcante’s capture to answer public questions and outrage.

Escaped Murderers in the Neighborhood is an exciting project,” Mowday said. “I’ve conducted interviews with principals and their experiences are fascinating.”

Mowday authored three other true crime books based on his time as a newspaper reporter for the Daily Local News of West Chester. Besides Small-Town Cops in the Crosshairs published by Schiffer. Mowday wrote Jailing the Johnston Gang: Bringing Serial Murderers to Justice and Stealing Wyeth for Barricade Books of New York.

Mowday’s other books number more than 20 and include history, sports and business titles. For all of Mowday’s books see He is an award-winning author and newspaper reporter.