Norwalk and Darien Library talks scheduled

Stealing Wyeth goes international

February 10, 2020

Stealing Wyeth book by author Bruce E. Mowday

goes international with Great Britain book distributor

Mowday has presentations scheduled in Norwalk and Darien 

          NORWALK _ Stealing Wyeth, a book released by Barricade Books, is now being distributed in the United Kingdom, Europe and throughout the world by Turnaround Publisher Services.

Norwalk author Bruce E. Mowday said, “Stealing Wyeth has had great success since its release late last year. The true crime book tells the wild tale of the theft of 15 paintings from the estate of renown artist Andrew Wyeth, the band of criminals involved in the criminality and the law enforcement team.”

Turnaround Publisher Services is a trade distributor and all titles are available from many bookshop customers. Turnaround supplies shops throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and anywhere in the world.

Mowday, who has authored more than 20 books on true crime, history, business and sports, covered the Wyeth case as a newspaper reporter. The theft included the taking of seven paintings by Andrew Wyeth, six by his famous son Jamie and two others. The paintings are worth millions of dollars.

The book costs $24.95 and is available from the publisher and on the internet. For signed copies, contact Mowday at

In the coming weeks, Mowday has talks scheduled in four states, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Connecticut.  Besides Stealing Wyeth, Mowday will be giving talks on his other true crime book, Jailing the Johnston Gang: Bringing Serial Murderers to Justice, and his history book, Emotional Gettysburg.

Mowday will be talking at the Norwalk Library, 1 Belden Avenue, on Sunday, March 29 at 2:00 p.m. on Emotional Gettysburg and his other Gettysburg books. The book highlights 20 paintings by Karl J. Kuerner, the only artist to be individually taught by Andrew Wyeth and his sister Carolyn. Mowday has written three books on the Civil War battle.

On April 28 at 7:00 p.m., Mowday will give a talk on Stealing Wyeth at the Darien Library, 1441 Post Road.

For all of the times and dates of his talks, go to the event section of his website, All of his books are listed on the website.