Lafayette presentation by Bruce E. Mowday receives high marks from Pathways Institute

I received the following email on Wednesday, May 9, 2024:


Thank you for sharing your time and talents by teaching with Pathways Institute at Landis Homes in Lititz during our Spring 2024 semester!

We were grateful for your willingness to teach LH104 Lafayette: The Making of an American Revolutionary War Hero.  As you can see from the attached evaluations, the course was appreciated by many.

Pathways Institute relies on the generous donation of your expertise and time to keep our program going.  We do so appreciate your ability to serve the community by providing high-quality, accessible learning opportunities for aging adults.

We have added you to our instructor database to receive information about teaching opportunities in a future semester.  If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch with us.  Otherwise, we look forward to possibly working with you again in a future Pathways Institute class.

Best wishes,

Beth Graybill, Pathways Institute Manager at Landis Homes

Lorrie Stoltzfus, Pathways Institute Administrative Assistant



Course Title: LH104 Lafayette: The Making of an American Revolutionary War Hero


Total Registered:                                      Total Attended:      42                            Total Responded:     42

      Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent  
How would you rate this course overall?     1 3 38  
Course was informative:     1 2 39  
Course met all of my expectations:     2 3 37  
The instructor explained topics well:     1 4 37  


What did you like most about the course?

  • Learning about what our hero actually did in the Revolution.
  • Excellent presentation.
  • The instructor was obviously very well versed in this topic.
  • Instructor knew the subject well and made it interesting.
  • Lafayette was the namesake of my elementary school, so it was so nice to learn more about his hero.
  • Extremely knowledgeable and informed – a very good speaker.
  • Telling the history of Lafeyette and the French in the American Revolution as a story.
  • The presentation was excellent.
  • Very informative lecture about Lafayette.
  • This course was excellent, the best I have attended here!
  • He was an excellent speaker with great stories.
  • He was a wonderful speaker!!
  • Good speaker
  • Enunciates well. Understandable and interesting storyteller.
  • All of the discussion.
  • The instructor was really good. The information I never knew.
  • Excellent
  • Please have this gentleman back again!
  • Learned a lot about our history. Very interesting.
  • The knowledge and presentation of the instructor.
  • Great story. Well presented.
  • Great speaker w/ passion – didn’t need/use technology.
  • I appreciated his enthusiasm – and that there wasn’t a PowerPoint!


What improvements would you recommend for this course?

  • Maybe a little more detail, such as a timeline, but the teacher had a very engaging style.