Emotional Gettysburg: A thoughtful, informative, beautifully enhanced, and moving volume

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Emotional Gettysburg

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April 2020

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

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The Civil War Shelf


Emotional Gettysburg: Paintings & Essays

Bruce E. Mowday, essayist

Karl J. Kuerner, artist

Regent Press

2747 Regent St., Berkeley, CA 94705


9781587904820, $34.99, HC, 98pp, www.amazon.com


Synopsis: In a series of historic vignettes that deftly combine the contemporary paintings of artist Karl J. Kuerner and the essays of Bruce E. Mowday explore the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg in a way never before depicted in the pages of “Emotional Gettysburg: Paintings & Essays”.


For Karl, the spirit of art has spurred him to create a series of paintings that are peaceful and tranquil despite the death and destruction that took place here. Also, there are tears for those who sacrificed so much.


For Bruce, he calls upon his years of Civil War historical research to recount some of the heroic deeds of the conflict that threatened the very existence of the United States of America.


Ten of thousands of soldiers…. Ten of thousands of emotional stories each with a life of its own. So many stories will never be told, lost along with those who sacrificed their lives at Gettysburg during three days of July in 1863. What took place in Gettysburg, documented or not, forever will have profound meaning for Americans, a soul and a spirit.


Critique: A thoughtful, informative, beautifully enhanced, and moving volume, “Emotional Gettysburg: Paintings & Essays” is an extraordinary, unique, inherently fascinating, and unreservedly recommended contribution to personal, community, college, and university library American Civil War collections and supplemental studies reading lists.


Editorial Note: Bruce Mowday is an award-winning journalist who was given the Local Author Hero Award by the West Chester, Pennsylvania, library during its 2008 Literacy Heroes event at Longwood Gardens. Bruce is also listed on the author’s mural at the Chester County Library, Exton. Bruce has authored books on history, true crime, sports and business. Mowday gives talks on his books and also offers help to other authors on publishing issues, and maintains a web site at www.mowday.com


Karl Kuerner’s artwork has been exhibited in Belgium, Nigeria, and Togo through the “Arts in Embassies” program, as well as at the Brandywine River Museum and Berman Museum at Ursinus College. Karl exhibited his Places to Go, Things to See series at West Chester University where he received an Honorary Doctorate in Public Service. Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art, Nebraska, plans to feature Karl’s creations in 2020. Karl has been featured in many books and publications, recently appearing in PBS’s American Masters Series documentary Wyeth. A well respected teacher of 38 years, Karl has carried the “Art Spirit” throughout his time. Those interested can visit the web site at www.karljkuerner.com to explore Karl’s paintings, books, news and more.


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