Amazon lists 13 books by author Bruce E. Mowday in top 2 percent during December

Mowday had 92 appearances during 2023

December 31, 2023

Amazon’s December reporting lists

13 books by author Bruce E. Mowday

in top 2 percent of all books offered

Mowday is scheduling events for 2024. He did 92 in 2023  

        West Chester, PA. _ Amazon’s Author Central lists 13 books by Chester County author Bruce E. Mowday in the top 2 percent of books offered by Amazon during December. Jailing the Johnston Gang: Bringing Serial Murders to Justice was ranked in the top 0.02 percent on December 29.

“I’m grateful for all of the readers of history and true crime interested in my books,” Mowday said. “The best part of my book journeys is meeting people interested in history and my writing. I thank them for a successful 2023.”

For the year, Mowday made 92 appearances, either giving talks, book signings, being interviewed or being featured on television shows. So far for 2024, Mowday has 21 events booked. To schedule a talk or signing, contact Mowday at All of Mowday’s books can be viewed at

“With the Lafayette’s celebration of his bicentennial tour as America’s guest beginning in August, I expect many more opportunities to talk about my two books on the American hero,” Mowday said. Mowday has written Lafayette at Brandywine: The Making of an American Hero and Lafayette: America’s Young Hero and Guest. Both books were completed with the aid of the American Friends of Lafayette. The later book was completed for students and young adults.

The Amazon listings give an indication of the overall sales of Mowday’s books. Amazon has more than 33 million books offered for sale.

For December, the date, Mowday’s book, ranking and publisher:

Dec. 29: Jailing the Johnston Gang, 98,132 (Barricade Publishing)

Dec. 17: Stealing Wyeth, 158,786 (Barricade Publishing)

Dec. 21: Lafayette at Brandywine, 197,313 (Barricade Publishing)

Dec. 8: Richie Ashburn, 236,113 (Barricade Books)

Dec. 17: Pickett’s Charge, 265,393 (Barricade Publishing)

Dec. 19: Coatesville, 267,501 (Arcadia)

Dec. 23: Small Town Cops, 281,007 (Schiffer Publishing)

Dec. 23: Life With Flavor, 309,045 (Barricade Publishing)

Dec. 20: Emotional Brandywine, 324,947 (Regent Publishing)

Dec. 7: Along the Brandywine River, 400,808 (Arcadia)

Dec. 28: September 11, 1777, 433,005 (White Mane Publishing)

Dec. 27: Unlikely Allies, 441,469 (Stackpole Books)

Dec. 11: Parkesburg, 467,272 (Arcadia)