May 23, 2019

Delaware politician and lobbyist Robert Byrd

authors book on insider’s view of politics

Mowday Group, Inc. facilitates publishing with Regent Press

 WILMINGTON, DE. _ Robert Lee Byrd, a former member of the Delaware House of Representatives and President and Chief Executive Officer of The Byrd Group, LLC, has written Byrd of Legislative Hall, a book on his 40 years as a legislator and lobbyist.

The Mowday Group, Inc. managed the publishing details for Byrd and worked with the book’s publisher, Regent Press of California. Copies of Byrd of Legislative Hall are available with a major book launch on June 12 in Dover. Byrd wrote the book with former Wilmington News Journal reporter Celia Cohen. The cost of the book is $19.95.

Senator Chris Coons, who wrote the book’s foreword, calls Byrd “the most influential lobbyist in the First State.” Coons stated, “In this engaging book, Bobby shares countless stories from his decades of work in the center of politics and policy in our state.”

Byrd gave credit to Bruce E. Mowday, President of the Pennsylvania and Connecticut based Mowday Group, Inc., for guiding the book through the publishing process. “I’m not sure if the book would have published without Bruce,” Byrd said.

Mowday worked with the book designer and made sure all information was properly sourced and copyrighted and then engaged Regent Books as the publisher.

“This is an excellent book and I’m so glad Bob gave me the opportunity to work with him,” Mowday said. “There is so much involved in producing a quality book. The design of the cover and book, paper and stock used, setting of price, the obtaining of copyrighting and publication information, and distribution and marketing plans are all essential elements.”

For information on Byrd of Legislative Hall and to order copies, contact Carrie Cole at